Sharon Welch // A Feminist Ethic of Risk

Posted by Silver on November 16, 2011
Nov 162011


This is a book from the 80s that was used as a teaching text for a Social Ethics course I took as an undergrad at Wesleyan University. It made an enormous impact on me and I’ve started to re-read it as many of the issues discussed in this class brought me to remember fragments of this text. The first 22 pages are online at the link above.

Page 13 sums up it’s premise:

“What does it mean to act ethically in a world of expediency, to stand for justice in a world of exploitation, to act with compassion in a world of indifference, cynicism, and despair? How do we work for justice when it seems that only individual well-being is attainable, while collective social justice is unreachable”