Survival International / Methodologies

Posted by Sei Lee on September 25, 2011
Sep 252011

Where is the tribal voice?

We publicize the thoughts and voices of tribal peoples and consider them our partners.

We provide a platform for tribal representatives to talk directly to an international audience. We help tribal representatives talk face-to-face with companies and organizations violating their rights.

We do not claim to represent tribal peoples, unless they ask us to.


How do we achieve our objectives?

We investigate the atrocities committed against tribal peoples.

We are in direct, personal contact with hundreds of tribal organizations and communities (as well as many others) which give us information. These contacts are, where possible, fostered by extensive field visits which have continued for over 40 years. In some areas, we do not publicize these to avoid reprisals.

We expose the situation, telling the public what’s going on and focusing their concern into action which brings results.

Cases lead to campaigns with clear objectives, especially securing communal land rights.

We use the widest possible media (TV/radio/newspaper/web), circulating new material on a daily basis. We also publish our own books and reports, mostly aimed at the non-specialist, and make our own films.

We lobby governments, companies, missionary organizations etc.

We hold vigils and peaceful protests at embassies and corporations. In over 40 years of these activities, there has never been any violence.

We present cases to the United Nations and other international forums.

We speak at schools, universities, conferences etc.

We run a photographic library.