Collected Memories

Posted by Jegan Vincent de Paul on September 3, 2011
Sep 032011

Memorial objects collected amongst debris by volunteers and the Japan Self-Defense Forces. Tens of thousands of these objects, including photos, trophies and funerary tablets are cleaned and displayed at the Iritani Junior High School in Minamisanriku.

Notice given out at the the entrance (translated from Japanese):

We are holding the exhibition of memorial objects!

“It’s been long time since the last exhibition of memorial objects which was held from May 28th to June 5th. Now we are back, as the details shown below. This exhibition projects is what Mayor Sato proposed – he knew that everyone was suffering from the loss of their memorial objects like photos, and he could start this project with the support of volunteers from all over Japan and self-defense army.

Please stop by to look for your memorial objects and photos.

Date: June 17th – August 31st, 9:30AM – 3:30PM, Location: ex – Iritani Junior High School

How to get the objects: You sign your names and address

Parking lot is the area in front of the storage of JA Minamisanriku. We have a limited number of parking space, so please get rides from your friends. We may cancel the event due to some reasons including the weather.

— Minamisanriku Disaster Volunteer Center
TEL: 080 – 205 – 1066, 080 – 2055 – 0878″


Warning at the exhibition of memorial objects:

Please do not touch with your hands directly! (Please do not touch the pictures even with your family at home)

Volunteers washed these objects with water, but they haven’t cleaned up bacteria on the objects. When you take the photos to your home, please copy them as soon as possible.

When you look at the objects, please wear globes and masks. After you look at the pictures, please wash your hands, gaggle and clean your arms with sanitizer.

If you find pictures of your friends, don’t bring them back but tell about that to staff member at the exhibition.

Found memorial objects displayed in one of the hallway’s of Iritani Junior High School.