Musicians without Borders

Posted by Jenine Shaban Kotob on September 27, 2011
Sep 272011

Music, being a common language, is used by this group to promote peace in a contested area. Al Kamandjati was developed in 2002 by Ramzi Aburedwan teaches music to Palestinian children throughout the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and parts of Lebanon. Teachers from all over the world, meet in this zone of emergency, and provide these otherwise silent protesters, with an opportunity to express themselves through music. Finally, the students have an outlet – a moment where they can forget the war torn area they live in, and enjoy first class lessons in music.

Al Kamandjati Student


Student and Teacher

Students Study Outside

Palestinian Students in Ramallah Playing the Classics


The organization is also clear to point out that after years of political movements towards peace, there has been no success. Al Kamandjati has been successful in its work, and is pushing for another type of retaliation: a cultural movement. Believing that expression through art is just as important as living life itself, Al Kamandjati makes it it’s goal to see that Palestinians receive the same opportunities for a musical education as others throughout the world.

Learn more about this amazing group on their website: Al Kamandjati

An article on Al Kamandjati written in 2008: “Overture to Peace in the Westbank”

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