Violence Transformed

Posted by Lily Tran on November 7, 2011
Nov 072011

Spoken word



On April 12th of this year, various members of the Urbano Project exhibited their works at Violence Transformed at the Massachusetts State House. Violence Transformed this year included performances from Urbano’s spoken word teen curators,  Pedro Reyes’s Palas Por Pistolas, and many pieces from Urbano’s young artists. The event embodies the idea of using art as a form of empowerment and a way to address issues in the world around us. Here, the pieces of the Urbano Project focused on violence and how it permeates the lives of teens living in the Boston urban environment.







What is Violence Transformed?

Violence Transformed is a series of events and exhibitions dedicated to violence: how it interrupts life, how we approach it, and how we work to change and reduce it. The exhibit began in 2007 through the Cambridge Health Alliance. Since then, more organizations and artists have begun to participate in the annual exhibit.