Photographs by Willfried Maisy

Willfried Maisy is a French photojournalist and collaborator of Zones of Emergency. He has taken extensive photo documentation of the Minami Sanriku area since the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011. Further images taken since Japan’s earthquake and tsunami are available on his website. Please note the following images are Copyright of Wilfried Maisy and are generously provided here for educational purposes.


Images 1-4 :  Volunteers in Minami Sanriku clean images found in the rubble and display it for the disaster victims. They put it in albums.  People  come to look at them in search of memories of their family.









5. Mayor of Minami Sanriku, Jin Sato


6. Scenery of Minami Sanriku

7. Scenery of Minami Sanriku