Shun Kanda

shun kanda, senior lecturer, MIT
lecture at ACT with james wescoat: november 14, 2011
MIT japan 3/11 initiative
respondent: jegan vincent de paul, act lecturer, MIT

In the aftermath of the disaster suffered in Japan, MIT launched the MIT Japan 3/11 Initiative, a multi-year collaborative project focused on disaster-resilient planning, design and reconstruction. Back from the first MIT Japan 3/11 workshop which took place this summer, Shun Kanda and Jim Wescoat will discuss the process and challenges in planning and implementing alternative strategies for disaster-preparedness. Shun Kanda is a Tokyo native and the Director of Architectural Studies for the MIT-Japan Program. James L. Wescoat, Jr. is Aga Khan Professor in the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT.

MIT Japan 3/11 Initiative